Thursday, September 16, 2010


So everyone knows what trans-fat is, right? Well, I assume if you have a TV and are subjected to the commercialization of junk food vs. health food, you've at least heard of the term. Trans-fats are formed when liquid oil is made into a solid fat (such as margarine) by adding hydrogen. This new "miracle product" started invading foods varying from cakes to salad dressings. Ultimately, of course trans-fat is not healthy for you. No nutritional benefit whatsoever. Some oils are good for you.. olive oil, canola oil.....but it's this whole hydrogenated thing that messes with the program. Recently, fast food chains started changing their cooking oils, snack foods are changing their recipes to be trans-fat fee, heck... New York City restaurants are prohibited from serving food that has anything but trace amounts of trans-fats. Ironically, our nation's largest meal provider, Mc Donald's, still serves many of their items with, you guessed it, TRANS FAT. A double quarter pounder has 2.0g of this tasty delight. Once in a while at 2:00am when there is nothing in the refrigerator, why not, but if you are not at the point of starvation, reconsider your options. It is not until we demand more out of our food products that massive food chain restaurants will re-think the role they play in our society. If we don't develop a healthy conscious, then don't expect these big CEOs to develop one neither. They see us as numbers and $$$, and only look for ways to maximize profits. Change, or be McDead.

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